Gold Star Sailing CAMP

The Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation (LYCSF) proudly supports our fallen military and their families through a partnership with Gold Star Sailing (GSS). Gold Star Sailing Camp supports children who have lost a parent while serving our country in the military.

LYCSF joined forces with GSS in 2021 for an annual weeklong camp in Fort Lauderdale. Each year, up to 20 Gold Star kids ranging in age from 13-19 years old travel from all over the United States to learn to sail. LYCSF covers the travel, accommodations, meals and all camp expenses each year so Gold Star parents are not responsible for any costs.
The Sailing Camp instills self-confidence, builds character, teaches teamwork, develops leadership, and most of all, promotes healing in a positive environment of hope, adventure and friendship. The camp is a wonderful relationship building and bonding experience through the sport of sailing.

We make sure that the campers experience Fort Lauderdale outside of sailing too by having beach days, fishing excursions and other fun South Florida-related activities while interacting with other teenagers who understand their situation.

Gold Star Sailing (GSS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, volunteer-based organization.

For more information about Gold Star Sailing, click here.

Gold Star Mom Thanks LYCSF and GSS

“Thank you all so much for doing this and continuing to spread awareness of what the Gold Star Sailing does for the children of the fallen. A few sentences, oh goodness that is a hard one as I could write a book!! Take what you would like…

A major take back from this program is the confidence and pride my children have had by GSS. The three of them knew nothing of sailing ,I got the texts saying mom what are we doing here this is insane, to overcoming struggles and challenges to maneuver a boat, working with a team, and at the end of the week sailing a boat on their own. (My daughter Bella, year one, timid shy and quiet to Patrick making her a counselor year three because he saw something in her that she didn’t. Now, Bella won’t stop talking and is involved with four clubs at college! ) We can’t forgot it’s about the lifelong friends they have made as well, these kids talk several times a month if not Snapchat weekly. Going from that first year nervous as could be traveling on a plane by themselves, to see ya in a week mom with a hug and now seeking out the fastest sail boat they have and being with coaches that inspire and push them to be better. To teach these kids you can overcome in grief and it’s ok to live life is what this camp means to my family. Friends, confidence in new experiences I could not give to my girls, strength, bonds, and the pride I see when my girls talk about GSS and what they accomplished themselves is what I cherish. They build and learn more each year and take all those things I mentioned and use it everyday in life. It may be only a week of camp but the impact of all of it is a lifetime. I know that’s a lot but I honestly can’t express my gratitude enough.

Again, I appreciate this opportunity you have given me and if there is anything else you need from me please reach out!”

– Becca, Gold Star mom of 3 daughters

Thank You to the Gold Star Camp Participants for Another Successful Year!